Essential USB hub, first TV Huawei and fire iPhone 6: TOP news stories of the day

Незаменимый USB-концентратор, первые телевизоры Huawei и возгорание iPhone 6: ТОП новостей дня

The fire smartphone, TVs from Huawei and essential USB hub from SONY. All this and much more read more in a regular column CI Tech – TOP technology news of the day.

The first TVs will be released under the Huawei brand Honor

Thanks to Gizchina, it became known that the Huawei debuts under the brand Honor. Honor sent to the trademark Office of China application for registration of several new trademarks: Smart Screen Honor Honor and Vision. So it is assumed that under such names, and we can expect the release of the first “smart” TV manufacturer.

Rumor has it that it will be equipped with a camera and some functions of the smartphone. It was also reported that one of the first models will be 55-inch 4K format. But the first TV under the name Huawei will be released later, apparently. This is likely to be an expensive model with a display with a resolution of 8K (16 times more pixels per inch than Full HD), support networks of the fifth generation, signature Balong modem 5000 and ability to control “smart” home. It can be expected that TV presentation Honor will be held on July 15. At least, it hints at the teaser. The image refers to the “violation of the rules and open intellectual future.” However, it is unclear whether these TVs to be sold outside of China.

iPhone 6 caught fire in the hands of a child

Fire equipment do occur from time to time with different companies but it does not make such a situation less shocking. This time the incident occurred in California, where the iPhone 6 caught fire right in the hands of 11-year-old Kayla Ramos. Kyle told me that watching videos in YouTube, then suddenly I saw sparks and threw the mobile on the bed.

iPhone burned a hole in the blanket that was lying on the bed. But Kyle, fortunately, was not injured. But the smartphone has burnt down completely. Mom Kayla contacted the Apple support and then service center. She was given a new smartphone and promised to find out the cause of the fire. The company Apple has not commented on the incident. The woman claims that the iPhone is not repaired, and third-party charging cables are not used, so that could cause fire is still unknown.

Huawei has invented a new name for its OS

Already long ago it became known that Huawei is working on its own operating system. However, while he was unaware of any official details, such as names or the date of withdrawal. But it looks like the company figured out the name. 12 Jul Huawei registered in EUIPO (intellectual property Office of the European Union) trademark Harmony. It belongs to the category 9 description: mobile operating systems; computer operating systems; downloadable operating system software. Perhaps China’s OS will be called HongMeng, and in Europe – Harmony.

Phuture Foods creates the first substitute pork in vegetable market

Phuture Foods is a Malaysian startup that was a pioneer in the production of substitutes for pork plant-based. Meat is especially popular in the Asian market, where it focuses on the initial sale, starting with Hong Kong in the next few months, and soon thereafter expanding to Singapore. Food designed to simulate the taste and texture of pork using a variety of plants, including wheat, shiitake mushrooms and mung beans. The company has received support from angel investors from Hong Kong, starting with online sales and ending with exit to the supermarkets in the area in about five months.

Phuture core value is sustainability and increasingly important problem, especially in the context of population growth in regions such as China. From the point of view of prices, he hopes to reach the target level or lower than the actual pork products that can certainly increase the attractiveness among consumers, for whom ethical and environmental issues are not a priority. The company is also exploring kosher certified, and also substitutes for chicken and lamb.

Sony made indispensable USB hub

It’s hard to spice up the competition USB hubs when they are almost identical. The Solution Sony? Make them indispensable for professional photographers. The recently announced hub MRW-W3 is the world’s fastest card reader UHS-II SD cards (and microSD) that supports read speeds of up to 300 MB/s. Regardless of whether he is boasting, he should easily pass a giant RAW photos on your camera and 4K video. It’s not just brick, it is also designed to solve many other problems of your laptop while you are on the road.

The hub supports power of 100 W for work with monitors and other particularly demanding peripheral devices. You also will be the USB-C port and USB A to connect old and new devices, not to mention the HDMI output for video up to 4K at 30 frames per second. Even the body is elastic, protected from dust and moisture IP68, as well as aluminum “wavy” design that improves grip and reduces scratches. Sony will sell MRW-S3 in the fall along with a new hard SD cards SF-M (a capacity of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB) that can take advantage of the speed of the hub. The tech giant did not provide a price.

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