Estonia completely will refuse the Russian language in schools

Эстония полностью откажется от русского языка в школах

Estonian schools are preparing for the complete abandonment of the Russian language in favor of the exclusive use of the state. The President Kersti Kaljulaid supported such steps during a speech on the anniversary of independence in Tallinn.

The leader of Estonia declared the beginning of formation of a unified view on the future of the education system. “There are differences in how to achieve our goals, but most of our party wants to continue in Estonia, there was no common school system in the Estonian language,” said Kaljulaid, quoted by TASS.

According to the President, this measure will allow to stop the division of the population of Estonia “two communities”.

“Of course, the path from desire to plan is long and complicated, but we can’t go on this way, because he will protect the independence, language and culture of Estonia and create all residents equal opportunities,” said the Estonian leader.

Earlier, as he wrote Ruposters, the opposition activist and environmentalist Yevgenia Chirikova, who moved three years ago in Estonia, complained to the President Kersti Kaljulaid problems with the integration of Russian students into the society.