Estonia has allowed workers to come for seasonal work

Эстония разрешила заробитчанам приезжать на сезонные работы

Local farmers complain that the berries are just rotting in the fields.

The Estonian government decided to cancel the previously imposed ban on the entry of seasonal workers from outside the European Union, putting an end to confrontation, which local media called the “strawberry war”.

Local farmers have begun to complain that without the seasonal workers from abroad strawberry and other crops just rot in the fields, Reuters reports. Now migrant workers are allowed to enter Estonia for up to six months a year and only until April 2022.

But, for example, the right party EKRE, member of the ruling coalition, and actively campaign against foreign workers, who come mainly from Ukraine, saying that those jobs should be given to local unemployed Estonians.

It is expected that unemployment in Estonia will increase this year to about 13%, because the spreading of coronavirus struck on such an important national industries as tourism and transport.

Thus in EKRE stated that he agreed with the decision of the authorities, as the government at the same time, imposed new restrictions on the admission of foreign students.

Recall, back in mid-March, the Minister of Finance of Estonia Martin Helme announced the membership of his country in the new phase of the economic crisis. According to him, the figures show that such a sharp drop in Estonia from 2008.

The government