Estonia is elected by the Parliament. The Internet has already voted a third of voters

Эстония выбирает парламент. В Интернете уже проголосовала треть избирателей

Sunday, March 3, in Estonia’s parliamentary elections, according to Reuters.

The polls will be open from 9:00 to 20:00, to vote on the passport, identification, ID card or driving license.

Have the right to vote 958 571 of Estonian citizens over the age of 18 years, and 39.3% of them have voted previously came to the polls or vote through the Internet.

In October 2005 Estonia first in the world held elections, in which voters could vote via the Internet. The government hoped that Internet voting will help to solve the problem of low turnout will increase the access of people with disabilities and attract youth to the elections.

Elections via the Internet begins ten days before election day, and voters have seven days for a decision. Online voting ends a few days before the traditional voting at a polling station in the evening on Wednesday.

Online voter for seven days can re-vote any number of times – counts only the latest decision. And in the end, it may come to the site and fill out a paper ballot. In this case, the result of the online voting is cancelled.

The composition of the unicameral Parliament of Estonia – Riigikogu (est. Riigikogu) is comprised of 101 members. Members of Parliament elect the President of the Republic, which is the nominal figure. Authority has a Prime Minister who is the leader of the winning party or the leader of the parliamentary coalition.

This year for mandates fighting 1084 candidate representing ten parties and 15 independent candidates. To get into Parliament the party needs to overcome the 5% electoral threshold.

The main struggle will be between the ruling Pro-Russian party “the Centre”, headed by the Prime Minister jüri Ratas and the opposition Pro-Western “Reform Party”. Public opinion polls give these politicla for 24-28% of the vote.

Third place will receive EKRE far-right party that opposes immigration, it is prophesied 17% of the vote.

Chances of getting into Parliament there are also two parties entering into ruling coalition together with the “Center” – the Social Democrats and the conservative party “the Fatherland”. They will get 10%.

Эстония выбирает парламент. В Интернете уже проголосовала треть избирателей