Estonia wants to give militia weapons at home

В Эстонии хочет выдать ополченцам оружие на дом

Brigadier General Riho Uhtegi, which became in this year head of the defence League (teroborony – ed.) wants to make the militia more mundane. According to him, to create for members of the defence League, the conditions for storing weapons at home. As new tasks of the defence League will be added to the receiving allies and creating conditions for them, as in the case of the recent concluded exercise Tractable, writes Postimees.

“Breathe a life into the squad, improve the ability of learning, here in the order headquarters,” said the Brigadier, adding that members of the defence League have always provided rural residents with guns in the house and constantly collected stuff.

Recently service weapons the militia members had to keep in the brigade headquarters, but now is expected to return to the roots.

“Those who take weapons home, we are free to give gun safes. We want the member of the defence League has been holding a weapon at home, because thanks to this we create self-defence, I mean a significant acceleration of the self-defence capabilities of the country,” explained Uhtegi.