Ethereum 2.0: become the validator node and make ETH

Ethereum 2.0: стань валидатором ноды и заработай ЕТН

Fund Ethereum (Ethereum Foundation) has released a tool that simplifies the validation process the nodes in the new network.

Want to help protect the Ethereum network and earn 2.0 ETH in this process? Fund the Ethereum launched a tool to make your life easier, this writes Decrypt.

Foundation today announced the “launch validator” for the long-awaited updates Ethereum 2.0. The launcher will have built-in nodes, that is, users that put ETH to confirm transactions in the last test Ethereum 2.0, Medalla, and will be used for minneta when she starts at the end of this or early next year.

Validators in the new system of endorsement Ethereum, in fact, is the equivalent of a miner in the old network proof-of-work. Ethereum 2.0 must go to the proof-of-stake, where those who put more ETH (that is the richest in the network) are rewarded for the test blocks.

This is the difference proof-of-work, in which the miners required a huge computing power to verify transactions.

The meaning of this new launch validator “to make the process of becoming a validator et2 as easy as possible without affecting security and development”, – stated in the blog Ethereum Foundation.

If you run your own validator, you will have to track your own private keys. “This responsibility brings with it an inevitable tradeoff between ease of use, security, and development”, – stated in the blog

The entire starting unit includes a disclaimer, validators should know that going in. Future validators must sign the form of consent which States that they understand that to be a validator means to manage their own keys, and that the ETH will not be available for a certain time.

After launch pad to make sure you understand what is happening, will allow you to upload your public keys on the Internet and become a validator. “And voila! That’s all there is. You have successfully made a Deposit and themselves obliged to become a validator et2!”

And last: you have to choose your customer, who is “the software that you will use to configure your Beacon Node, import your keys and run the validator”. You will have the choice between the Lighthouse, Nimbus, Prysm, and Teku.

The validator can be used to test network Medalla, but it will also be used for maneta Ethereum 2.0.

On the website CoiNews we wrote that on cryptocurrency exchanges within three days fell by 700,000 ETH, which is equivalent to $ 182 million According to market analysts, the whales are preparing to increase prices Ethereum (ETH) in the short term.

The portal CoiNews informed that the developer of Ethereum 2.0 said that the test network Schlesi was quite a success, and hopes that the official test Protocol for a multi-client based on the specifications 0.12 will be ready in June.

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