EU countries require radically increase the funding of environmental programs

Страны ЕС требуют радикально увеличить финансирование экологических программ

A coalition of 8 States and proposes to address these needs, a quarter of the total budget.

A coalition of European Union countries, which included Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Luxembourg require to send 25% of the total EU budget for the fight against climate change and 2050, to reduce to absolute zero emissions from fuel combustion.

This decision came on may 9 during an informal EU summit in the Romanian city of Sibiu, where representatives of 27 European countries (excluding the UK) discuss the strategic priorities of the European Union in the years 2019-2024.

After two weeks in the EU after the elections the heads of state of Europe are working in Romania on a joint project for the future of Europe. The President of France Emmanuel macron stressed that this future can be very different.

“More than 400 million European citizens will have to choose a very clear alternative: if we continue, even differently, to build Europe together, improving the state of Affairs, or want to dismantle the EU and return to nationalism,” – warned the politician.

He also listed the main challenges facing the European Union:

  • Environmental protection and combating climate change.
  • Protection of borders and security of Europe and the revision of the Schengen agreement.
  • The construction of a new model of economic and social development of Europe, taking into account work on digital technologies and artificial intelligence.

A number of the largest States in Europe, including Germany and Italy, were not included in the coalition of Macron and his positions on these issues is not yet declare.