EU extends sanctions for violating Ukraine’s sovereignty

ЕС продлил санкции за нарушение суверенитета Украины

Council of the European Union has extended for another six months – until September 15 – sanctions against 175 individuals and 44 legal persons for actions that “undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine”. The restrictive measures include not only the freezing of funds and prohibition on funding of defendants in the list and providing any other economic resources, reports DW.

In Brussels, recalled that the list excludes two persons in connection with their deaths. It clarifies the RIA “Novosti”, it is about the former Vice speaker of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Eugeny Bushmin and Valeria Medvedev, who was the head of the Sevastopol city Commission for the so-called “referendum” in Crimea on 16 March 2014.

Individual sanctions against citizens of Russia and Ukraine, which the EU accuses of undermining the territorial integrity and Ukrainian sovereignty, were introduced in March 2014 and has been regularly extended each time for six months.

The Council of the EU on 12 September 2019 extended their action until March 15, 2020.