EuroBLECH for $500: how to get rich on bonded auto

Евробляхи за $500: как озолотиться на нерастаможенных авто

Two weeks later (February 22) grace period ends clearance EuroBLECH. But those “indulgences” power is not for everyone’s pocket. Most owners probleh think cdoi to do with cars and sell them for pennies. Today the ads, you can find a car for $ 500. Why buy them?

At first glance it seems that buying “EuroBLECH”, customs which will cost 2-3 times as much of its value has no meaning. But it’s not. Moreover, its customs clearance is not necessary, – writes “AVTOVAZ”.

Spare parts for your car

If you already have a car, it will sooner or later need repair by replacement of some parts. Best of all, if it’s original parts. If you buy the same nurosmani car, you will save yourself from the burden of finding parts.

New business

If you have a small starting capital, you can start your own business of dismantling cars. You need to rent a room, buy a dozen old cars of the same brand and model, hire a specialist who will be able to examine them. The details of the car you can sell online and make money.

Tuning and Motorsport

For trips into the countryside to buy an old SUV in good condition. Even on avtonomera. The main thing – do not leave it on the large road.