Europe faces the risk of disintegration and paralysis, Neil Ferguson – 24 Channel

Європі загрожує дезінтеграція та параліч, – Ніл Фергюсон - 24 Канал

Senior researcher of the Institute Governwill Stenfordskogo University Neil Ferguson stated that Europe could become a victim of paralysis and disintegration.

He said this during a speech at 15-1 annual meeting of Yalta European Strategy in Kiev.

“Future historians, I think, I will say that Brexit is just a note to the major problems of European disintegration. I have a feeling that the problems are much more than able and willing to imagine Europe. First, the financial crisis they did not overcome, secondly, entangled in the Arab revolutions, the third – created the chaos of the migration crisis of 2015-2016… I’m afraid that the destination point is the paralysis, and perhaps a rollback of the European integration process in the opposite direction,” he said.

The historian stressed that the source of significant shocks in the foreseeable future may also become China with his “Chinese crisis”. Ferguson believes that the main risk factors that can cause a crisis in China is the demographic crisis, the accumulation of excessive debt and the actions of the government regarding the takeover of the Internet and other spheres of life – because it suppresses freedom of creative and scientific thought.

“Creativity and creativity is the key to everything. If the Chinese regime succeeds in handling the Internet in large surveillance machine, the first thing that will happen, free thought and creativity will die. I see it, my friends from Chinese universities say that freezing science,” – said the scientist.

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