Europe: last clock

Европа: последний перевод часов

Europe is preparing for the transition to winter time. In the night of Sunday the clock one hour back. But residents of some European countries would do it one last time.

In September, the European Union refused the seasonal change of time, giving the right of choice for each country of the community itself to resolve this issue starting from April next year.

“The clock is not new. We know from history that the arrows have started in the First world in order to save on coal. Then, in 1976, during the oil crisis. But to be precise, the idea was proposed by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, i.e. in the late XVIII century to save wax candles”, says Pascal Paul, CEO of Kronos 360.

But the benefits of the loss of light hours has become less tangible: the electricity spent as much, because after dark people do not cease active work. Besides, medical research has shown that such changes break the human biological rhythm.

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