“Europe needs us more than ever”

«Европа нужна нам как никогда»

“The Alliance of liberals and Democrats for Europe” — a Federation of parties from different EU countries — on the eve of elections to the European Parliament declares a battle with the populists, primarily Italian. A veteran of Italian politics, Emma Bonino sure now one Europe needed his country never:

“Economic problems of my country is low productivity, unemployment and so on — is not the fault of Europe and national authorities. We have only one enormous internal debt. I can not even imagine how such a situation alone would be able to handle any of 27 countries. As mentioned Konrad Adenauer, “Europe was a dream of the few became the hope of many, and today it is a necessity for all of us.” And now we really need to see everything,” says Bonino.

The representatives of the ALDE openly call the close ties between the Italian and the Hungarian leadership of the main threat to the values and the very existence of the European Union:

Alessandro Fusacchia, “Europe”:

“We have, in Italy there is no absolute certainty that we will not back down in the area of civil rights and freedoms, so I believe it is our obligation and our right to protect and support them. Civil rights, business opportunities, and reducing inequality — these words should appear in our program.”

In the last election in Italy the party Emma Bonino received 2.5% of votes. In the lower house the “+Europe” 3 mandate of the 630. The supporters of the movement hope to strengthen their position in European Parliament elections.

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