“Europe, please Wake up.” Soros warns the EU from repeating the fate of the USSR

"Европа, пожалуйста, проснись". Сорос предостерегает Евросоюз от повторения судьбы СССР

American financier and billionaire George Soros pointed out the danger of the collapse of the European Union and urged the Pro-European forces to prevent this. This is stated in his article “Europe, please Wake up”, which is published on the website Project Syndicate.

“The people of Europe should Wake up before it is too late. If they do not, the European Union will go the way of the Soviet Union,” warns Soros.

The billionaire is concerned about the upcoming elections to the European Parliament in may 2019. He believes that anti-European forces to increase their influence, which ultimately may lead to the collapse of the European Union. Soros points out that in recent years, the popularity gained of the party of eurosceptics who do not seek to preserve the unity of the countries of the continent.

This has already led to the so-called Brexit – British exit from the EU. There is a risk of repetition of the same scenario in other countries. Especially in Germany, where the gaining popularity of “Alternative for Germany”, as well as in Italy, where the government coalition formed with the populist “League” and “Movement “5 stars”.

Soros also criticizes the interstate activities of the “European popular party” and of the Hungarian party “Fidesz” Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The success of such political forces with the voters he explains the problems of growth of illegal migration in the EU and the desire to protect jobs from outsiders. At the same time, the activities of such parties only dictated by the personal interests of party leaders.

“They don’t want to preserve the values on which was based the European Union. They want to replace them with your own values, which are radically different,” says the billionaire.

“The first step towards the protection of Europe from its enemies, both internal and external, is the recognition of the magnitude of the threat they pose. The second is to awaken the dormant Pro-European majority and mobilize it to protect the values on which the EU was founded” – teaches the financier.

88-year-old billionaire with a fortune of about $ 23 billion – one of the most controversial figures in world politics. In particular, it is well-known in the former Soviet Union through his “open society Foundation”, which awards grants to many public figures.

What Soros and his Foundation has been repeatedly accused of supporting the so-called “color revolutions” in the former Soviet Union, particularly in Georgia and Ukraine.

"Европа, пожалуйста, проснись". Сорос предостерегает Евросоюз от повторения судьбы СССР