Europe will be sent into space experimental cleaner debris

In low earth orbit, more than 3,000 disabled satellites and tens of millions of small fragments. Each piece moves with great speed. These fragments of space debris can pose a threat to the ISS, and astronauts working in orbit.

In the European space Agency (ESA) decided to tackle this problem and plan to launch special four-legged probe that you experience to clean it of trash.

The mission of “Clean space”

The mission, called ClearSpace-1, ESA will send into orbit an experimental, four-legged work of animator (at least so it is called in the network). He will be able to catch their handlers some of the dead satellites and tighten in a kamikaze flight to the Ground.

The problem of space debris

Every year the amount of debris in orbit is growing. Based on several projects for the creation of a constellation of satellites in the coming decades, their number will increase significantly. But the real attempts to solve this problem yet.

The start of the mission

Now launch ClearSpace-1 is planned for 2025. Aim cleaner robot object called Vespa. In 2013 he was thrown to a height of 800 kilometers camera Vega. Weighs this conical chip about 100 pounds.

The price of this one-time mission will be about 133 million dollars. Very cheap orbital cleaning, therefore ESA should definitely ponder the way to reduce the cost of this process.

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