“Europe will close bezviz”: the Ukrainians were warned about the massive danger

"Европа закроет безвиз": украинцев предупредили о масштабной опасности

Ukrainian psychiatrist Semyon Gluzman appreciated the new phase of health care reform, which will come April 1, 2020.

“April 1 will be disaster,” he said in an interview on Ukrlife.tv, reports Glavred.

According to him, this time on the financing of medical institutions has been reduced by about 50%, including tuberculosis and neuropsychiatric dispensaries.

“People (from the dispensaries, – ed.) will go out. Therefore, Koch’s Bacillus (the causative agent of tuberculosis – ed.) when we drive in traffic, will choose one of us to sit down” – he said.

By the way, the Cabinet of Ministers in November 2019 adopted the State strategy in combating HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and viral hepatitis by 2030.

One focus of the state strategy is the improvement of systems for effective detection of diseases. This will be achieved by expanding the network of agencies that can provide testing services, infection, promotion of self-testing and periodic testing among risk groups.

In addition, be fully satisfied with the need for antiretroviral therapy. To reduce infections and the incidence of hepatitis “b” and “C” provides for the establishment of new and strengthening the old system of surveillance and monitoring of viral hepatitis.

Gluzman said that according to Western diplomats, with whom he communicates, warned that the outbreak of tuberculosis Ukraine faces a loss bezveza with the EU.

“Already preparing Europe. I know from one of the ambassadors to the fact that slowly closes us bezviz. They are afraid of us,” he warned.

According to him, new phase of the experiment with medical reform in Ukraine will end “very sad.”

“Many doctors think, but silent. Every year we are treated to more and more dangerous. The state is preparing to mockery at the stupidity of those officials, who are responsible for it”, – said the expert.

We note that recently in Chernivtsi region, it was decided to liquidate the three children’s sanatoriums. His work will cease to Detskiy Sanatoriy Shcherbinka, TB sanatorium, and krasnoil’s’k Regional children’s tuberculosis sanatorium Sadgora.

All the employees of the liquidated sanatoria local authorities have promised to employ, and also said that the quality of care these motels people are not provided and was treated for a very few people.

Accordingly the decision of deputies of regional Council made in accordance with the reform of the healthcare industry, abolishing the financing of any institution of sanatorium type in Ukraine, from local budgets.