European car market continues to fall

Европейский авторынок продолжает падение

The European automobile manufacturers Association (ACEA) reported sales for the month. The results were not very comforting, but there has been improvement: in some markets recorded a positive trend after a five-month drop.

European market into a deep dive for the sixth month in a row. In February, sales fell by 0.9% compared to last year (sold 1 148 775 car). In the countries with the most impressive sales, for example, in Germany (+2,7%), France (+2.1%) and the UK (+1.4 per cent), the situation began to improve.

Most popular in Europe over time has become the brand Volkswagen, whose dealerships handed over to the buyers 131 144 cars (+4%). In the second place fit Peugeot 206 79 sold cars (+0,2%). And three leaders closes the Renault with the figure of 79 134 units (-1,7%).

It is worth Recalling that in Russia, according to the Association of European businesses (AEB) in the past month, I bought a 128 406 cars. It is even less than was sold in Europe only one VW. Moreover, the demand fell by 3.6% for the first time in 22 months. The top three brands included LADA (27 011 machines?1%), KIA (17 731 instances, 0%) and Hyundai (14 260 units, +6%). Add that to a European leader VW (7346 vehicles, +4%) took fifth place in the national ranking, Renault (8499 pieces?25%) – fourth, and Peugeot (306 auto?33%) all slipped in the back.