European experts will follow information hygiene in the presidential elections

Европейские эксперты будут следить за информационной гигиеной на выборах президента

The EU intends to follow our social media during the presidential elections in Ukraine. Looking for experts to monitor the pages and accounts of candidates for presidency, political parties and the online media in Facebook and Twitter.

Social networks are becoming very strong and is in many ways a crucial tool for political struggle. In developed democracies are already beginning to reap the fruits of what this area lightly by the law and allow political adventurers to achieve success.

Why is it the Europeans and what’s in it for us?

In Ukraine this field is even less subject to regulation and therefore are the concern of all those for whom the word “democracy” is not an empty sound. For example, the Law on presidential elections requires registration of any campaign material in the CEC: leaflets, Newspapers, symbols (such tools are already sidelined). But this time the distribution of campaign materials in social networks increases, is not regulated and has no legal or moral restrictions.

Facebook itself is trying to change their algorithms in order to neutralize the effect of the bots and manipulate information, but completely get rid of it is unlikely to succeed. In order for any problem to resolve it must be thoroughly investigated. For the European Union, Ukrainian political battles in social networks will give a large array of material for analysis and to produce relevant legal decisions.

Unfortunately, in the course of our campaign, the election results or their recognition of this observation will have no effect.