“European lens” – a fresh perspective on contemporary photography

"Европейский объектив" - свежий взгляд на современную фотографию

Artem Aslanyan

Euronews announces new project based on network Instagram is a “European lens” (European Lens). Each month we will select and post photos from Instagram, which combines the theme of Europe and which reflect the diversity and uniqueness of our continent at different angles of view.

Euronews photography is not just a means of self-expression and documentaries, but also a powerful weapon in the field of journalism. We’d like to see a “European lens” has become a common platform for photojournalists and photographers from all over Europe. Especially important for us is to find young artists. The project will be opened March 30, 2018.

Once a month (at the end of each calendar month) the selection of the materials “European lens” will be published on various digital platforms euronews.

The first project involved a young photographer Jorge Alva (@urbanentdecker_). It especially inspires the theme of urbanism and modern architectural forms.

Learn more about the works of Jorge Alva and other photographers on the platform of “European lens” in Instagram @euronews.tv.

We invite you to participate: leave your comments and offer to participate in the online photographers with the original vision of Europe.

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