European liberal Democrats declare war on extremist ideology

Европейские либерал-демократы объявляют войну экстремистской идеологии

The battle against the strengthening of extremist ideology will become a key element of the campaign “Alliance of liberals and Democrats for Europe” in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. A corresponding Declaration was adopted at the Congress of the organization in Madrid.

In the ALDE believe that the struggle against radicalism must not be confined to legislative prohibitions. “We must offer a positive program. We must restore hope for a better future for Europeans and I mean it when I talk about climate change, social inclusion, security for our European citizens,” explains co-founder of the party “go Republic!” Astrid Panosyan.

One of the most important topics for the European parties remains brakcet. The leader of the “Liberal Democrats” UK Vincent cable believes that there is still a chance to reverse the process of Kingdom’s exit from the EU if the British Parliament did not support the agreement breccia:

“I think the probability that we will be able to achieve the majority required for holding a second referendum on the question of continued membership in the European Union”.

“The Alliance of liberals and Democrats for Europe” ranks the fourth largest faction in the European Parliament, yielding to the superiority of the European people’s party,the Social Democrats and the conservatives. From Madrid reports Euronews correspondent Isabel Marques da Silva:

The concept of “neoliberalism” and “illiberal democracy” are perceived negatively in society. For this reason, the ALDA is much more often talking about the progressive liberalism and democracy in his campaign, which should be activated at the beginning of 2019.

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