European socialists are preparing for elections

Европейские социалисты готовятся к выборам

Hundreds of delegates arrived in Lisbon for a Congress of the Party of European socialists to discuss the preparations for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament.

In the framework of the Congress organized a training center in which activists will take special trainings on fight against misinformation. Deputy General Secretary of the party Marey Lafeber says it’s time to act more decisively: “of Course, it is important to discuss the content, but we also need to talk about the facts — about what is speculation and what is truth. I think it’s very important to counter misinformation. And it was a lesson to us after the “breccia”.

The party is looking for new ways to bring the electorate. That this requires a new approach, said Virginia Ramos Rios, the organizer of the election campaign Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which became the most young Congresswoman in U.S. history: “One of the problems is that I constantly hear conversations about parties, but about people. They need to understand that the most important is the people important is what happens in people’s lives, you need to work on finding solutions together with the people. I think that we will see changes in this direction.”

From Lisbon the correspondent of Euronews Elena Cavallone: “According to opinion polls, the upcoming elections to the European Parliament, the socialists will suffer a significant loss. The main task for them will be an attempt to regain the trust of its traditional electorate, who feel abandoned. Not coincidentally, the Congress venue selected Portugal, where the socialist government has a large support, which is an exception to the European trend. The recipe for political success in Portugal could serve as an inspiration to European socialists”.

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