“European Solidarity” is preparing a comprehensive package of amendments to the law on the land market

"Европейская Солидарность" готовит комплексный пакет поправок в закон о рынке земли

The amendments will prevent the concentration of land in few hands.

The party of “European Solidarity” has consistently supported, supports and will support the establishment in Ukraine of a free, civilized land market. In this case, the priority should be the protection of the interests of millions of farmers, protection of national interests of our state. In the case of amendments proposed by the faction “European Solidarity” will support the bill at second reading.

Adopted in first reading the draft law on the land market carries a significant threat regarding the concentration of land resources in few hands, and the shadow sale of Ukrainian land to the Russian capital.

The faction of “European Solidarity” will insist on the possibility to take into account during the second reading of the law, the following sentences:

  • protection Ukrainian-the owners of the land. The establishment of minimum rates of agricultural land – at a level not less than the equivalent of 2-3 thousand dollars per hectare (depending on the quality and location of the site);
  • protection of the interests of society. The imposition of high registration fees from the sale of land, which will arrive in the budget of the community;
  • protection of Ukrainian lands. A prediction mechanism for the removal of the land from the owner in case of grossly negligent relation to it;
  • by limiting the possible concentration of land in the hands of oligarchs and foreigners;
  • conduct rigorous checking of the origin of the funds for which purchased agricultural land.