European standards for crash tests will significantly toughen (VIDEO)

Европейские стандарты краш-тестов заметно ужесточат (ВИДЕО)

Already this year, Euro NCAP will start to mimic a head-on collision of vehicles moving towards each other.

A reputable organization EuroNCAP – in fact, the most respected in Europe testing enterprise – revises standards for conducting crash tests regularly, adapting them to changing reality. This time the innovation can be called radical.

In the list of tests will soon be a new technique. According to the announced standards, the test car will move slower than usual – 50 km/h instead of the traditional 64 km/h, but will go to meet him and the obstacle, and with the same speed. It is expected that this test will replace the applicable Association for the past 23 years a frontal attack on a fixed deformable barrier with a partial overlap.

For the fixation data in this trial will answer the most advanced for today of the dummy series THOR. In EuroNCAP argue that the change of the methodology of the tests will help to assess the safety of the car and its impact on the opponent.

In addition, the more serious will be the side impact conditions: mass of the barrier and its speed will increase too. Claimed that this test will be considered damage to passengers in side collision, and opposite and their mutual contact, and efficiency is actively used now is the Central airbag.

The Association is modernizing methods for the assessment of electronic assistants, adding new test scripts for their functioning: for example, in the final ranking of the vehicles will take account of the system, evaluating the degree of fatigue of the driver. Finally, EuroNCAP will test the activities and the so-called “panic button” systems that automatically report accidents to police and emergency services.

The organization promised to return to active research in the fall, as the activity of EuroNCAP was paused at the time of the epidemic of the coronavirus.