European stock Kenda joined the new SUV-tire

Европейский ассортимент Kenda пополнила новая SUV-шина

In Europe started selling the new summer high-performance tires for SUV and SUV Kenda Emera 605 (KR605), which the Taiwanese manufacturer announced at the annual meeting of its dealers, held in December last year, China Kunshan (Jiangsu province).

Having four broad and one narrow longitudinal grooves, new road SUV tire has excellent drainage capabilities at high speed, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. Design external shoulder asymmetrical protector with beveled 3D groove increases the contact area under braking and improving moisture. The inner shoulder of the tire has a closed design. Existing on the edges of the grooves, chamfers improve stability in cornering and reduce uneven wear, and an optimized interleaving of blocks suppresses acoustic resonance and contributes to ride comfort. Another advantage of the new Kenda tyres Emera SUV 605 (KR605) is a low rolling resistance that saves on fuel.

Taiwan’s Kenda Rubber Industrial was established in 1962 and currently has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, mainland China and Vietnam. The company produces wide range of tyres for bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, cars and industrial machinery.