Europol: exposed in Italy, a network of counterfeiters – perhaps the largest in the history of the Euro

Европол: разоблаченная в Италии сеть фальшивомонетчиков - возможно крупнейшая в истории евро

Europol has officially confirmed the information about the exposure of a network of counterfeiters in Italy and notes that it is probably the largest in the history of the Euro.

This is stated in the official press release from Europol, writes “European true”.

We will remind, the first information about the exposure of a mafia network of counterfeiters, 44 arrests and the confiscated property for 8 million euros, appeared in the media on Thursday. AFP then referred to the words of the representative of the French police.

“The criminal network exposed in Italy, produced 25% of all counterfeit Euro banknotes detected in circulation. This network, the largest network of all that have ever operated since the introduction of the Euro”, – stated in the official communiqué of Europol.

In the RAID involved law enforcement officers of Italy, Belgium and France. Europol assisted with the exchange of information, coordination and analytical work.

The investigation began in October 2017, when the Italian Benevento seized a large consignment of counterfeit banknotes of € 50.

The police noticed that the forgery was produced using sophisticated printing techniques, using quality equipment and materials, with a good knowledge of the intricacies of recreating all the important markers, which are used for the protective marking of real banknotes.

In February of 2018 in Naples found another 450 000 pieces of counterfeit banknotes of 50 and 100 euros hidden in tanks. Six months later, in July, in Lombardy, found another batch of counterfeit coins.

Further investigations, in coordination with Europol helped expose a network of criminals who were behind the fake money.

July 15, law enforcement officers arrested 44 suspects and froze assets totaling 8 million euros.

This amount takes into account confiscated in Italy 50 apartments, 8 business premises, 2 farms, 10 companies from various fields, and 12 cars, a luxury yacht and the funds 22 Bank accounts.

Law enforcement authorities suspect that over the years of its activity the criminals have produced and distributed more than 3 million fake banknotes totaling more than 233 million euros.

Head of the network involved in the forgery of money over 20 years, and not only manufacturing, but also distribution in the EU. The investigation established that he is linked to Italian mafia group Camorra.

Европол: разоблаченная в Италии сеть фальшивомонетчиков - возможно крупнейшая в истории евро

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