Euroshare no time

Евробляхеры не успевают

To register the car, the Ukrainians do not have time. We are talking about “euroshare”, which until the end of February have to put your car on foreign registration registration in Ukraine. It is not time to maturity, they are for different reasons – that the owner still need to find this owner in Ukraine, but I have “pulled up stakes”. In the end, to move the deadline of the final registration EuroBLECH, the Verkhovna Rada registered the draft law No. 9522, which provides for the extension of the grace period for “EuroBLECH” for another 3 months.

The author, MP from Block Petro Poroshenko Robert Horvat, acknowledges the problem of low rate of registration. It therefore proposes to give the Ukrainians the opportunity to register cars with the preferential rate of 90 days and 180.

“The bill is written in such a way that it can be in this time and break. In February the grace period ends, then it will not, and only we pass a law or benefit again will be to act… Extreme project date – may 22, then are already sanctions for illegal stay avtoregistracia. And here is how we will vote is an open question. A lot now depends on the Committee, ” explained Horvath.

Similar arguments are also given in the explanatory note to the draft law. “It is obvious that with such pace of customs clearance, when every day are made of 2.5-2.7 thousand Cars, a significant number of citizens who own vehicles with a foreign registration will not have time to clear them a grace period until February 22, 2019”, – stated in the message.