“Euroshare” predicted big problems: “prance” in a few months

"Евробляхерам" предрекли большие проблемы: "гарцевать" осталось несколько месяцев

In may 2019, the Ukrainians in avtonomera expect draconian penalties. If earlier for no reason the police could not stop the car on avtonomera, this year, law enforcement officers will have access to information about how long the car is in the country, writes Columnist.

“The police are obliged in writing to inform the authorities of revenues and duties on the detection of misuse, transfer of vehicles to those who have not imported a car”, – stated in the law.

What kind of penalties are administered:

for driving on avtonomera – 8 500 UAH;

re for the year driving the “EuroBLECH” – 17 000 UAH, and a ban on driving within a year;

if detained, the customs clearance for a period of up to 1 day – 170 UAH;

if arrested for 1 to 10 days – 340 UAH;

if detained from 10 to 20 days – 8 500 UAH;

20 to 30 day – 85 000 UAH;

30 days 170 000 UAH.

In addition, tightening the rules for foreigners who arrive in Ukraine by car without registration. If under current law they can in fact bring in the whole fleet, after the entry into force of the new law will make it virtually impossible.

So, one car can be brought for a year with no warranties, and each firm, which issued the machine, must confirm the willingness to pay for customs clearance in case of violation of customs regulations.