Eurovision-2019: androgen Bilal Hassani presented a striking video for the song

Евровидение-2019: андрогин Билал Хассани представил эффектный клип к конкурсной песни

Participant of the international vocal competition Eurovision-2019 Bilal Hassani stunned the network spectacular video for the song Roi. With this composition the androgen from France will come to the main stage show in tel Aviv.

From 14 to 18 may in tel Aviv will host the second round of the international vocal contest Eurovision-2019. The best vocalists from all over Europe will present their compositions and spectacular performances that will help them to compete for the main Cup show.

But while the organizers are actively preparing for the final broadcasts of the competition, each country is their star participant. Gradually, the network is flooded and clips of contestants that hit a hidden meaning and bright shots.

The music video for the song Roi presented and one of the most striking of the show – androgen Bilal Hassani. In the video, the artist decided to show how he, despite any framework and tests is another. First, Bilal is ready for action in the dressing room, wearing a blonde wig and applying makeup, and then goes down a storm in the hall.

Eurovision-2019: watch the clip androgynous Bilal Hassani on Roi song video

What is known about the participant of Eurovision-2019 Bilal Hassani

At the end of January 2019 France provided the participant of Eurovision-2019. They became the androgynous Bilal Hassani, which shook the network to its sensitive singing.

Androgynous – a person who identificeret themselves as asexual face. In particular, this is manifested in appearance, and when combined masculine and feminine traits.

19-year-old Frenchman, a native of Morocco, has gained great popularity due to its videoblog. With frenzied support of the fans, in 2015 Bilal Hassani decided to hit the stage and presented his first solo songs. For 2 years the artist decided to hit all the Frank confession: he talked about gay and has publicly acknowledged that he was the androgyne.

After France declared it as a contestant Eurovision-2019 Bilal Hassani received a barrage of criticism, racist and homophobic insults. Some days his e-mails and social networking has captivated the haters, do not pick words in the description of the androgyne. In defense of the singer were made by the LGBT community, which has condemned such psychological pressure and announced a lawsuit against the haters.