Eurovision found in Hungary, too “blue” contest?

"Евровидение" сочли в Венгрии слишком "голубым" конкурсом?

The Hungarian authorities have considered the contest “Eurovision” too “blue”, media reported. Allegedly for this reason Hungary two weeks ago refused to participate in the contest.

The decision to deny Hungarian participation in “Eurovision” in the year 2020 can be related to the proximity of the contest to LGBT culture. On this November 27 reported the British newspaper the Guardian and the Hungarian edition of the

Thus, according to the publication, while it is only speculation. They rely on the statements of employees of the public channel MTVA, annually organizes Hungary’s contest “Song”, the winner represented the country on Eurovision. Eurovision “upstairs” found it “too blue”, quoted an unnamed source in the state media website

The official representative of the Hungarian government, Zoltan Kovacs on Twitter has denied allegations that refusal to participate in “Eurovision” is associated with homophobia and called “fakes” the relevant media reports. Refusal from participation in the contest of Hungary announced two weeks ago. The official explanation for this decision from Budapest followed.

The Guardian of restrictive policies against LGBT people

A source in the MTVA told the British newspaper that cover the rights of the LGBT community in a positive light in the Hungarian media is not encouraged. On another Pro-government TV channel at the beginning of this year, the commentator called “contest” the “gay Armada” and argued that the refusal to participate in this important for the “mental health of Hungary”.

He also said that the competition “destroys the foundations of society” when it involves “screaming drag Queens and bearded women.” Apparently, he was referring to the speech of the representative of Austria Conchita Wurst, won the competition in 2014.

Hungary is pursuing a restrictive policy towards non-traditional sexual orientation, writes The Guardian. The country has banned gay marriage. The speaker of the Hungarian Parliament Laszlo Kever compared supporters of the adoption of children by same-sex couples with pedophiles.

In 2020 “Eurovision” will be held in Rotterdam. The first and second semi-finals of “Eurovision” will take place on 12 and 14 may, the final on 16 may. The competition will be attended by 39 countries. Previously from participation in the contest next year refused Montenegro – for financial reasons.