Evacuation of Wuhan: how did the countries of the world

Эвакуация из Уханя: как это делали в странах мира

Evacuation of Ukrainian citizens from Wuhan has become an important theme and led to protests in some localities, although the government assures that all our citizens on Board healthy. Site 24 channel looked at how other countries carried out the evacuation of affected city in China.

Military bases: evacuation in Canada and the United States

In the United States and Canada, those who were taken from Wuhan has placed on military bases. Canada sent its citizens to the base Trenton in Ontario, yet among them people with symptoms of virus infection.

They will be free to leave 21st Feb. Passengers of the second aircraft leave the base on 25 February, if will be healthy. All live in a separate building of hotel type, which are only accessible to doctors who carry out inspections every day. Now, in Canada eight sick with coronavirus, but none needed hospitalization.

People talk about the evacuation: video

The United States also took advantage of this option by posting the first wave of evacuees on the basis of the air force “March” in California. 195 people were in quarantine until 11 February. Tell that they had some master classes, and the kids had school.

But since the number of arrivals from China increased (about 1,000 Americans lived there) adopted a new Protocol: the testing was subject to only those people who had severe symptoms during a two-week quarantine. The temperature is still checked twice a day. All evacuees are asked to report immediately if they become worse. This decision provoked resistance. For permission to leave the base waiting for 600 people in three States.

Some protested the new rule and need to check them too, despite the lack of symptoms. They want to be sure that nothing is passed. For example, at an air force base Miramar in San Diego, children playing with others in the dining room, on the court. Adults are often found in the Laundry.

They have no information whether they have the virus because nobody checked. They have to leave home to eat in a small room, they take boxes of fruit with his bare hands, standing shoulder to shoulder during the test the temperature (though it is prohibited). After the publication of the petition calling for better checks, the food started to arrive into the rooms of those who expressed such a desire.

However, the CDC (center for disease control) refuses to check all in a row, saying that the tests are less accurate no symptoms and a negative early result may be incorrect. And something with people on the bases can agree, because another base San Antonio-Luckland, it was still recorded case of the virus among those who flew in from Wuhan. Now the human condition is stable and symptoms are mild. Canada still needs to evacuate citizens from the infected ship “Diamond Princess”. USA already did it.

Australia and the drama of Christmas island

Even greater drama unfolded in Australia, when it became known that the number of people evacuated from China, sent on distant Christmas island. This place used to be sent illegal migrants until 2018, it is over 1500 km from the mainland. In General were taken up to 300 people the efforts of Australia and New Zealand.

And by the way, the population of the island, and it is now 1843 the person was against the placement of the evacuated citizens of Australia. There said that such an evacuation “would destroy the tourism industry of the island”. “People are not happy about it,” he told The Guardian by locals. “But the Australian government does what it wants and never asks what we want.” The community also wants the power more communicated and explained their actions.

Those who live on Christmas island, feel that their identity is very different from the mainland Australia, they have only 60 years. Earlier this territory belonged to Singapore (which is why most of the population are Chinese and Malays) and the British Empire. In the XIX century there was a mine of miners. The island has its own road signs and your own time. The next goal is to achieve free Association, as the Marshall Islands from the USA or from Tokelau New Zealand. This will give the island more autonomy and control over resources and land.

In the center, who has two years of standing empty, was found dead insects and the conditions were worse than some of the evacuated were expecting (but there are some positive reviews). They handed out more food and clothes, which is more suitable to the tropical island. There are several gaming consoles Xbox360.

Nobody showed tested positive for the coronavirus, the first batch of those brought into quarantine, had already left the island. Second place for the quarantine was a village near Darwin that was left by the builders. It is located in the Northern territory. Australia still needs to pick up more than 200 citizens and new Zealanders with liner “Diamond Princess”, where an outbreak of the coronavirus. They also need to quarantine.

Who else has removed their citizens from Wuhan

The arrival evacuated Indonesians on the island Natuna is also accompanied by protests of local residents, who feared infected with coronavirus. They burned tires and staged a demonstration in protest. In response, authorities placed the region’s armed forces. Singapore evacuated its quiet, but two people after the flight was sick.

The UK has deployed its evacuated on a military base “Briz Norton”, and then in the hospital. The citizens of Spain flew home from the base. But not all Britons are now transported, for some with the Chinese passport authorities first banned the exit. Germany also took its citizens, but the path was interesting: Moscow-Helsinki-Frankfurt. Neither the British nor the Germans are no signs of the virus are not shown. As the Italians on my flight.

Another plane took the citizens of the EU and of Britain and brought the French city of Marseille. And sometimes, Wuhan…back. Did the Consulate General of China in Bali. 16th February was the evacuation of the majority of Nepali citizens. Behind them, Ukraine took their and some foreigners from Wuhan. Most people have to return to South Korea – 865 people since the end of January. 565 was brought to Japan. Citizens of Kazakhstan to China was 719, 391 people have requested repatriation.

The only country that refused to evacuate citizens, became Pakistan. And Pakistanis only at the Wuhan, there are 800 people. This is despite the fact that the city is generally forbidden to go outside. The government explains that the country has no medical offices or hospitals to ensure the safe quarantine. In response, the Pakistanis referred to as being in Wuhan “psychological torture”. The situation has forced the relatives of students from Pakistan go to the protest.

Эвакуация из Уханя: как это делали в странах мира

Эвакуация из Уханя: как это делали в странах мира