Even 10 minutes can not: Komorowski spoke about another danger of smartphones

Даже 10 минут нельзя: Комаровский рассказал еще об одной опасности смартфонов

Dr. Komorowski spoke about five important issues which you will meet on your way “computer” children and their parents. Maybe you knew about it, but now you know that is a fact.

Children and gadgets, children and television, children and computers – this is the main beach in the development of today’s child.

Emotional state, mental development and physical health, oddly enough, but are directly related to these representatives of the electronic innovation.

Yes, these things are encouraging your children. They love it, he is showing positivity and happiness. Yes, parents can be relatively safely go about their business, and know that in these moments child puts the nails in the outlet and climbs on the upper tier of the sideboard. However, what you get from this apparent tranquility in return, you scare me.

Kharkov pediatrician Eugene Komorowski, told from the point of view of the physiologist and physician what to expect of children, who spend most of my free time for the “blue” screen.

Dr. Komorowski has identified the main problems faced by both children and their parents if not start now the met life Foundation in the family.

Children receive information completely unnatural way – not moving and staring look at one point;

Children do not perceive the properties of objects, using only two senses, or, worse, perceive the properties correctly, for example, the thrown ball does not bounce but simply disappears from the screen;

Social interaction with the screen is impossible, and it is precisely this interaction that makes us human;

Adults communicate with the children and with each other, the children later begin to speak, children are not able to use adults to receive answers to your questions.

About the speech:


developmental delay;

mental disorders;

sleep disturbance;


“Top tip: a child’s first year of life should not explore the world through a screen. Eliminate the screen. At all. Even 10 minutes is not necessary…

If you can not take the main Board, try under no circumstances not to leave the baby with the screen alone. Be there, comment on what is happening. Let you more and let you will be more interesting”, -wrote on his page in Instagram Eugene Komorowski.