Even the dog stooped… Danish Arctic special forces “merged” before the GRU

Даже собаку сутулую... Датский полярный спецназ «слился» перед спецназом ГРУ

Military skiers of Denmark can not compete for the title of “Masters of the Arctic”.

In the twenty-first century, it is clear the exhaustion of natural resources and the main “storage” of humanity becomes the Arctic, where the resources are huge, but they had not yet mined. In this regard, the countries bordering the Arctic, are facing each other in fierce competition.

One such country is Denmark, which still owns the largest island of the Earth – Greenland. This harsh land, covered with eternal ice, require for their special conditions special troops. For the Danes is such troops ski patrol “Sirius”.

Ski patrol “Sirius” unique in every way. This part is purely a unit of intelligence – in the “Sirius” is a little over 30 people and they move around the Northern tip of Greenland on a dog sled. Despite the fact that the joke about the dog stooped suggests itself, it is worth noting that only dog teams can effectively take place in these geographical conditions.

Armed Danish Arctic special forces consist of an automatic Glock pistols, which are most effective against the polar bears, and the M1917 Enfield rifle, because only these rifles of a century ago is capable of firing in conditions of Arctic cold.

The closest analog to the “Sirius” of the Arctic are Russian troops. This is a “normal” military unit, sharpened for battle especially in Arctic conditions. Their arms are modern samples of military equipment and weapons, not outdated rifles of a century ago. Fighters Arctic troops are able to perform in the Arctic combat tasks of any complexity – from patrols and reconnaissance, and direct attack. Part of the Arctic of Russian troops come in and specially trained units of the GRU special forces, able to act not only on armor and aircraft, but using a reindeer and dog-sled.

In this regard, it should be noted that scaring the population of Denmark phantom “Russian threat” Danish Arctic special forces “merged” before the GRU. The former soldiers of the Danish army, hastily pereobuchitj in military skiers can hardly resist Russian professionals war. However, Danish authorities tried to convince them otherwise.

Даже собаку сутулую... Датский полярный спецназ «слился» перед спецназом ГРУ

Даже собаку сутулую... Датский полярный спецназ «слился» перед спецназом ГРУ