Even the most loved ones: these things no one can give a “use”

Даже самым близким: эти вещи никому нельзя давать "попользоваться"

To protect yourself from Contracting diseases, it is necessary to observe certain rules of personal hygiene and under no circumstances not to take and not to lend things.

What items cannot be shared, and for them you need to efficiently take care not to get health problems:

1) Shoes.

Especially dangerous are the shoes worn on bare feet and can be a source of fungal diseases that will attract a string of problems.

The probability of Contracting these diseases is greatly increased when you share your shoes with other people.

Remember that the shoes this item of clothing, which is absolutely not worth to share even with those closest to you.

2) Loofah.

Don’t forget that most of the time, the sponge stays wet, and it is known that moist environment is most favorable for bacteria and fungal microorganisms.

To protect yourself from the risk of acquiring infections, it is best to have your personal washcloth.

3) Tweezers.

Tweezers, which are used to correct the shape of the eyebrows, can also become the carriers of various infections.

So to share a pair of tweezers with other people only if it is disinfected before and after use.

4) a Towel.

The main problem is that towels after use remain wet, thereby creating a favorable environment for reproduction of fungal organisms.

It is therefore recommended not only to borrow their towels to other people, but regularly, at least once a week, wash and disinfect them.

5) Deodorant.

In any case it is impossible to share with others-ball deodorants and antiperspirants.

It’s one of personal hygiene, which is directly in contact with our skin. Accordingly, the deodorant carries the bacteria.

What should I do? Fans to share can use a deodorant spray. They do not have direct contact with the skin, so they can safely borrow family.

6) Headphones.

On the surface of the headphone accumulates a large number of microorganisms that live in the cerumen of the person.

For example, such as staphylococci and streptococci. Transfer headphone to another person increases the risk of infections and inflammatory processes.

7) lip Gloss.

Also, do not share with other people and with the lip gloss, because there are microscopic particles of skin, dirt and bacteria that are on the lips.

In addition, this habit increases the risk of infection labialis herpes.

8) Clips.

All kinds of hair accessories you can not share with a stranger, as this may cause a variety of diseases, e.g., fungi or lice.

Hair clips, comb, curler, and all the accessories that touch the skin of the head, to borrow decidedly not worth it.

Besides, these items also need care, for example, the gum should be washed every few weeks and other items is treated in the soapy water and wipe then dry.