Evening Prime 28.01.2019

Вечерний прайм 28.01.2019

Today in the “Evening Prime” will discuss is:

– Jeans of the artist in a tie, officials will not change, singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk said that is NOT going to election of the President. But the political orbit will not disappear. What this means, and who will shoulder the leader of the “oceans”?

– Coffers filled up by 55 million UAH. – so much is the total amount of contributions from 22 candidates for the post of head of state. According to the Law of Ukraine “On elections of President of Ukraine”, one of the requirements for registration of participation in the elections is the introduction of a party which nominated the candidate, or the candidate’s Deposit of 2.5 million UAH. on account of the Central election Commission. This pledge has already made 22 candidates on a post of the head of state. Meanwhile, the interior Ministry has registered almost 300 applications about violations of the electoral legislation. What provisions of the law violate most often, and is it true that the better the police will monitor the process, the less fraud?

– Who is more: the government has forecast that the average salary in 2019 exceeds 10.5 thousand UAH. You do not have to “print” the money to fulfill these promises? And how inflation will affect the real incomes of Ukrainians?

– The x-files: to replace the Minsk agreements, the OSCE has developed a new plan for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbas, as reported by the special representative of the OSCE Martin Sajdik in an interview with the Austrian newspaper “Kleine Zeitung”. How do you propose to do with the election, as you can see the peacekeeping mission as well as agree on the organization of the Normandy four?

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Вечерний прайм 28.01.2019