Every fifth on Earth in the body of the worms live – international study

У каждого пятого на Земле в организме живут черви - международное исследование

An international group of scientists conducted a study that involved 265 327 people from different countries of the world. It is reported PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

During the work it turned out that every fifth person on the planet has been infected with toxocariasis, very dangerous infection.

Toxocara is a round parasitic worms. In the human body they can get from cat, dog or Fox feces. Often Toxocara meet Africans, at least – the inhabitants of the Eastern Mediterranean. Also this disease affects children due to weak immune system.

Experts note that even on Earth Toxocara is every fifth person, but not everyone is aware of the threat, since the parasites often do not cause any symptoms. Scientists emphasize that if the time to diagnose the presence of parasites and to start treatment, there are no consequences for the man will not.