Every minute Ukrainian leaving the country: Zelensky has shown frightening statistics

Каждую минуту украинец покидает страну: Зеленскому показали пугающую статистику

Every minute leaves from Ukraine, two citizens, and for the last few years the country has left more than eight million Ukrainians.

This was announced on his page in Facebook blogger Michael Schneider.

He said that he harbored the hope that after the presidential elections the situation of migrant workers in Ukraine will change:

“But to my great regret, this did not Happen. Every minute, our government leave TWO Citizens. And for the last four years, thanks to the efforts of the previous government, has left more than EIGHT MILLION Ukrainians.”

Schneider called the migration is not just a disaster, and a disaster and suggested the Ukrainians to think about:

“Behind this number are real People. Real Destiny. Wife who for years did not see their Husbands. Children who grow up without Parents. It is not just the Trouble. It is a real Disaster”. Michael Schneider

According to the blogger, the new government must include giperion until it was too late. He suggested Zelensky finally break this vicious circle:

“And if the new government in the near future will not be able to break this vicious circle, I even scary to imagine what awaits us Tomorrow. Guys, it’s time to go with the turbo on Hyperium. For now, everything is just in your Hands” – written by Michael Schneider.