Every sixth Russian dreams to leave the country

Каждый шестой россиянин мечтает уехать из страны

Approximately 17% of Russian citizens do not want to live at home. This files most often among the countries to move considering the United States.

These are the results of a survey conducted by ROMIR, reports “Lenta.Ru”.

To move to a permanent residence in another country would like 17% of Russians. Most of the respondents, namely 14%, as a priority option considering the United States.

In what other country would like to move the Russians:

  • 8% of the respondents would like to live in Spain and Germany;
  • 7% indicated Canada;
  • 5% of Russians want to move to Italy and Australia;
  • 4% – in Ukraine, Israel, Finland, and also consider the option of a “Europe as a whole.”
  • 3% called Montenegro, France?? and Austria;
  • 2% – Sweden, Thailand, India, Iceland and Egypt.
  • 1% of those who are considering emigration, I would choose the UK, Cyprus, Turkey, Japan, Latvia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Greece, Bulgaria and Brazil.

At the same time, 83% of Russians prefer not to relocate.

Please note! The Russians were less happy than the average inhabitants of the Earth. The index of happiness of Russians fell to the lowest level since 2013. These are the results of a global survey by the international Association of independent research agencies Gallup International.