Every third Ukrainian buys online: buying equipment, clothing and cosmetics

Каждый третий украинец покупает в интернете: скупают технику, одежду и косметику

At that time, as the NBU has improved the assessment of growth in the next 3 years, a massive shift of consumers online has long been a trend. People are much easier to select the desired item online than to go shopping. But if Europe and the United States online shopping has become popular a long time ago, in Ukraine this trend came later. However, the market for e-commerce in Ukraine annually, shows the staggering pace of development, growing by 50-60%, according to “Today”, saying that Ukrainians are buying on the Internet, where most buyers and what is the amount of average receipts.

According to the latest research company GfK Ukraine, in average to 2018, per the Ukrainian has 12 Internet purchases (whereas in 2017 was only 9), carried out on domestic sites.

As of 2018, the number of Internet users in the country reached 20 million, Of which 36% regularly buy products online, and that about 7 million people.

Buy equipment and clothing

According to the latest research company GfK, every third Internet user buys goods online. Thus, about 82% were carried out from 5 to 20 online purchases over the past year, and 17% even more than 20.

According to the version of GfK, the TOP 3 categories of goods that are bought most often, were:

  • Consumer electronics – 45%
  • Clothing is 43%
  • Beauty products and perfume – 37%

It is noted that popular digital products, gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, accessories for computers and small appliances (Hairdryers, irons, mixers, etc.).

Analysts OLX talking about the same statistics on its website. Since the beginning of 2019 on the platform most often used to buy electronics, baby items (more than 1.2 million products that are listed as sold) and clothing products (1.1 million sold in the last six months).

“The GfK study also showed that compared to the fall of 2018 sales of home accessories. This is confirmed by data OLX the fourth position in the ranking of the products that are bought on the platform more often headed by the category “Home & garden” – more-600 thousand goods listed as sold in the last six months”, – explained in the company OLX.

If we talk about specific products here, the clear leader for several years remain… the bikes on the platform OLX looking for more than 755 thousand times a year. It also turned out that the list of popular queries is very different for users of different operating systems on the gadgets.

“The owners of iPhones mainly monitored the iPhones. 10-item 6 had on them. However, if in the first half of 2018, the rating was completed by Gucci, the second was replaced by “sofa”. Also for the full year the iOS device users remain loyal to the brands of Nike, Adidas and Zara,” – noted in OLX.

If on the first place in search queries Android users in 2018 was the bike and at first floor is occupied by the sofas, who were looking for 692 thousand times, followed by apartments 620 thousand queries, then dress with 470 thousand queries, and completing the top five jackets that have searched for 408 thousand times a year.

Often buying online making residents of the capital

It is interesting to note that most products online are bought by people from the Central part of Ukraine – 24%, in Western Ukraine account for 23% of purchases, South 17%, and on the Eastern and Northern part of the country for 13% and 12% respectively.

Besides, 10% of all online shoppers are concentrated in Kiev; it turns out that in the capital alone, almost as many buyers in the North or East of the country.

According to research by GfK, the age range of the average Ukrainian-buyer – 26-35 years.

Besides the fact that Ukrainians actively use the Internet for shopping, a growing number of users of mobile devices. Whereas most of the used desktop computers and laptops, now the smartphone is enough to replace TV and PC, and player, and shopping. Among those who made purchases via smartphone or tablet, about 51% did so via a special application.

According to the company OLX average ticket purchases differs depending on the product category. So, in the category “Transport” average check up is 31 thousand UAH. Spare parts for transport spend an average of 750 UAH on electronics – 680 UAH, on goods from the category of “Hobbies, entertainment and sports” at 615 UAH.

“Online shapery Ukraine spend on Hobbies and leisure about as much as the purchase of electronics. But the average large-scale receipt of goods from the category “House and garden” is only 420 UAH. Parts and accessories for transport are leading on the amounts,” – said in OLX.