“Everyone was able to score”. In the Ministry of education of Ukraine commented on the trial UPE

"Каждый зарегистрированный сможет получить балл". В Минобразования Украины прокомментировали пробное ВНО

All Ukrainians, was on the trial of external independent evaluation (UPE), their rating will get. On 13 June, Facebook was reported by the acting Minister of health of Ukraine Lubomir Manji.

“We cannot hold a trial in UPE schools because of the epidemiological situation today. There is an increase in the number of cases [COVID-19], and the government took this decision, taking into account the data of the Ministry of health. I’m sorry that the participants in the trial UPE will not be able to go as planned, and the decision made at the last moment,” she wrote.

The acting Minister stressed that “such rules dictated by the pandemic.”

“But everyone was able to download the test paper and the answer sheet to submit answers to tools determine the results and get your score,” explained Manzi.

She noted that all the details can be found on the website testportal.gov.ua.

The head of the Ministry of education noted that for the substantive session of the EIT “all the items provided with the necessary protection and disinfection”.

“EIT has to take place because is the key to a fair and objective evaluation and fair and transparent admission,” said Manzi.

In 2020, the main session of external independent testing is scheduled from 25 June to 17 July. On 15 and 17 June in Ukraine planned to conduct a trial of external independent evaluation, but on June 12 the Cabinet of Ministers ruled the trial UPE from the list of events are permitted during the period of quarantine. Ukrainian center of evaluation of knowledge reported June 13 that those who signed up for the trial UPE can get it online.

Educational Ombudsman Sergey Gorbachev on June 12 stated that he had received information about the preparation of a complete cancellation of external independent evaluation.

On may 11 in Ukraine began to soften quarantine restrictions imposed in connection with an outbreak of the coronavirus. May 20 the Cabinet has extended them until June 22, but has introduced so-called adaptive quarantine: the regional authorities received the right to relax quarantine measures subject to compliance with three criteria.

In recent days, the incidence began to grow rapidly. On June 11-13, was recorded the biggest daily increase in cases. In particular, 13 Jun COVID-19 was confirmed in 753 persons is the maximum with the beginning of the epidemic. Total in Ukraine has infected 30 506, 880 of them died, recovered 13 976.

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