Everything under control: how to curb hunger on a diet

Все под контролем: как обуздать голод на диете

Those who go on a diet, 3-4 days can happen strong attacks of hunger, and in a few weeks life at all seems not nice for a permanent desire to eat a favorite dish. Some even dream begins as they go. Why is this happening and how to deal with hunger on a diet, says dietitian Julia Manchuk.

Leptin and ghrelinare the two hormones that our brain produces that they felt that hunger and appetite. If the amount of food is reduced, their levels creeping up. About leptin and grelin need to know two things that will allow you to develop the right strategy of losing weight.

1. Their number practically does not change, if the rate of weight loss does not exceed 5% of body weight in two months.

2. Their level is reduced in those who play sports.

Conclusion – don’t limit much calorie to lose weight gradually and enter in your schedule for regular exercise.

Cheat hunger

“Breakfast should be dense, containing a lot of protein. If Breakfast some carbohydrates, you run the risk of the day to eat up to 500 calories more than protein Breakfast,” says the nutritionist.

In addition, Julia Manchuk advises to drink before each meal a glass of water (20 minutes). This is because we often confuse hunger and thirst.

“You need to be patient, leptin levels returning to normal within three weeks to the time when we get used to the new diet”.

There is also an unusual tip is to add foods little red pepper – it is believed that it reduces cravings for sweet, fatty and salty food. However, the red pepper (too often) can be consumed not for everyone, so consult with your doctor.