Evil genius or generous experimenter YouTube: new miniatures and the appeal of advertising

Злобный гений или щедрый экспериментатор YouTube: новые миниатюры и обжалование рекламы

YouTube is experimenting with to create updated video thumbnail and with a new program that will enable creators whose promotional privileges were cancelled, to appeal the decision of the company using the “short videos”.

But let’s order, I will first discuss the already sensational huge miniatures that many users did not like. New design home page, shown below, pretty much changes the current setting. Videos are no longer grouped by category, in the row for scrolling people have less live, and, Yes, miniatures became more noticeable. It is reported by the Informant Tech, citing The Verge.

This is not funny, @YouTube. I’m sorry, but this is the worst update I’ve ever seen and now the homepage is just unusable, i can’t look at thumbnails so big, my eyes are in pain right now. You can’t make everything gigantic, because now everyone behind my back can see my home page. pic.twitter.com/qejseeqdWU

– cardboardProfile (@Kozibackich) 13 Aug 2019

A YouTube representative told The Verge that the company is “currently testing a new layout for the home page to improve the quality of viewing”.

Yet users do not like everything. People complain that large thumbnails impede viewing of the main page. Others call it unorganized and confusing link.

Some of the creators of the popular YouTube subreddit suggested that the design of mobile devices. The mobile YouTube app uses large thumbnails to make the images more visible, similar to what happens when you redesign. The problem, according to one of the users is that the desktop, everything just looks cluttered.

And now more on the positive, talk about the new system of appealing advertising. A review team will enable the creators with demolizione channels to send video, which discusses the content of their channel, and due to their “creative process,” according to an email published in the popular subreddit. Then for seven days the review team will assess the need to restore monetization, said in an email.

Press Secretary YouTube has confirmed a pilot program on The Verge. The creators will be able to submit videos and to appeal the decision, instead follow the current policy and wait 30 days.

The purpose of the reviewers who are watching the video, is the adoption of a more informed decision about whether to allow ads on the channel and content.

“As someone who suffered greatly from the demonetization of a few months ago, for me this system has given hope,” wrote one of contentneutral on Reddit.

CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki said many times in the past that the team of moderators of YouTube adheres to high standards in relation to the type of content that can work ads. The company is responsible to the advertisers that their ads were not showing on the wrong video. That’s why there are certain rules concerning partnership program of the company.

The pilot program seems to be designed for people affected by a confusing policy of monetizing YouTube. Content creators have noticed an increase in the number of dismantled channels due to the presence of videos that are considered “duplicate content”, which the team monetizing YouTube called “content that is created EN masse, to increase the number of hits without adding significant educational or other value”, according to the creators, who posted information about the problem on the forums YouTube.

This is due to the new rules, which would seem to have been introduced to YouTube in October. Disappointed users said that YouTube is working on the harder content that is “automatically generated” video, which tried to “circumvent our tools copyright” and all that includes footage from third-party sources that have not been converted in any materials.

But we hope that the new pilot program should help contentneutral to move forward in their process and begin to obtain revenue from advertising on its channel. YouTube is launching a pilot project with a very small group but hoping to expand it in the future.

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