Evrobroker from Odessa admitted the cost of customs clearance cars

Евробляхер из Одессы признался, во сколько обошлась растаможка авто

To clear your “EuroBLECH” is difficult and expensive. Odessa Alexander Shevelev in the social network told how much it cost, the procedure for obtaining Ukrainian offer for your Renault European registration.

The first thing he needed to remove a car registration in Bulgaria – it took 3 days 270 Euros. Then the man turned for help to the broker.

“Broker fee cost 300 $. He filed a pre-Declaration, and sent me the details for payment of the total amount of customs duties – I went 72800 hryvnia. After payment (after one day), the broker invited me to the customs terminal, where I gave him the original documents, and after 1 hour I stopped in the terminal. I went out of it after 3 days because the customs are not satisfied with the cost of cars and of course they overstated cost me from 1482 € to 1800 €. Pay another 1200 hryvnia. Paid entry to the territory of the terminal 520 hryvnia and took the car home. Customs gave me a document that I need in MPEG,” – says the man.

Also the man for another day through a broker for $ 120 made the certificate of conformity. After that he went to the DMV for setting the machine on the account. There had to shell out another 2600 hryvnia.

“The receipt and all the documents give the window the employee, MPEG and… Oh Gods! It happened!! I took your sheet and numbers! So, to summarize: to Remove from the register 270€; Broker Of$ 300; Certification 120$; Customs payment 74000 UAH + UAH 520 for the terminal; MPEG 2600 hryvnia. Total: 3050€ and 8 days (counting weekends) is “affordable” customs clearance,” – says the owner.

Note that more than 3000 euros for customs clearance the man had to pay for the car cost 1800 Euros. This despite the fact that at this time there is a preferential 90-day period for customs clearance “EuroBLECH”.