Ex-diplomat Telizhenko: Klitschko actually worsen relations office Zelensky and administration trump. And just in order to stay in office

Экс-дипломат Телиженко: Кличко фактически ухудшил отношения офиса Зеленского и администрации Трампа. И только ради того, чтобы остаться в должности

On 31 July the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko said that he met in the United States with the ex-mayor of new York, a personal lawyer of the President of the United States Donald trump Rudolph Giuliani. This news was preceded by a series of events related to the conflict surrounding the separation of powers of the elected Kiev mayor from his duties as head of Kyiv city state administration. Now both posts is Klitschko, but in the Office of the President think they should be separated.

On July 10 during a meeting with the Kiev mayor Vitali Klitschko, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed his intention to divide these powers. Klitschko said in response that it would mean the return of the management methods of the times the fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych and the deprivation of the Kiev government.

On 24 July the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Bogdan was sent to the Cabinet a letter “reminding” the need to make representations on the dismissal of Klitschko. July 30, at a briefing the head of Office of the President stated that Klitschko has lost control of the capital and can’t cope with “looking” in the Cabinet. Also, according to Bogdan, he recently received an offer from one of the “watchers” of Kiev to split the money from the local budget and “not to touch the head of the KSCA”. Chapter PP added that Zelensky is considering several candidates for the post of head of the KSCA, including the candidacy of the incumbent mayor.

Klitschko gave a briefing Bogdan “tales from the crypt,” July 31 reported on the meeting with Giuliani and discussion with him including “the importance of local self-government development”, and on 1 August said that asked the National anti-corruption Bureau at the statements of Bogdan.

That could mean this trip Klitschko in the US and what it can give the effect, journalists of the online edition “GORDON” asked the former employee of Embassy of Ukraine in USA, and now a political consultant in the United States and Canada, Andrei Telizhenko. In may this year, he also met with Giuliani, wrote about the American edition of the Washington Post.

Klitschko used their personal relationship to the official meeting

– Can we consider Klitschko’s meeting with Giuliani’s response to the head of the Office of the President Andrei Bogdan?

– Absolutely! Klitschko tried such a meeting actually beat out a situation from under the feet of Andrei Bogdan. It is known that there is mixed opinion from the American side about Bogdan and Igor Kolomoisky. So Klitschko thus drag Ukraine deeper into the election process in the United States to stay in office.

– As the figure Giuliani may affect Ukrainian politics?

– Giuliani – personal lawyer of Donald trump. People close to the President of the United States. In diplomatic circles such informal contact are very important and valuable. Several months ago I also met with Giuliani and tried to smooth the tension that arose after the cancellation of his visit to Kiev. In addition, for its part tried to reduce the negative effect of story with Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko and his attempt to draw Ukraine in the election process in the United States.

Klitschko, in turn, is now trying to use the remaining negative personal purposes. As a consequence, it actually worsened relations Office of the President Zelensky and the administration of President Donald trump. And all this only in order to remain in the post of head of the KSCA. I believe that it is unacceptable for our state, and for relations between Ukraine and the USA.

– Where Klitschko has such an impact on the international arena?

– Klitschko – athlete who is known around the world. In particular, he participated in many fights in new York, USA. There he is a known figure. Klitschko has personal contacts with Giuliani.

By and large, Klitschko used their personal relationship to the official meeting in the same manner as it was. He and Rudy Giuliani only works for Donald trump. He’s looking for any useful information regarding the US elections and opponents of the American President.

It is known that Ukraine was involved in the internal political processes in the United States long before the history with Klitschko. Among examples of the situation with the people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko and the Ukrainian Embassy on the orders of Peter Poroshenko tried to interfere in U.S. elections. The situation is exacerbated because such meetings as ex-Giuliani, and in fact attempt to get to deal with purely domestic Ukrainian American allies. It harms us as a country. Perhaps personally Klitschko this will help, but such methods cause damage to Ukraine. Unfortunately, our diplomacy is not so reformed to respond to such challenges.

– Giuliani in may was going to visit Ukraine, but later said that he would not go out of fear to fall into the group of people who are enemies of the US President, “and in some cases enemies of the United States.” He called Sergey Leschenko, the then people’s Deputy from Blok Petro Poroshenko. Do not repeat now the fate of Bogdan Leshenko?

– The impact of Giuliani is now very strong. First and foremost, through President Donald trump, who certainly can influence Ukraine through different government agencies in the US. Interest trump “selfish”: he’s trying to win the election. So the American President now will do anything to garner support different, he thinks, allies in Ukraine.

Chapter OP Andrei Bogdan Zelenskiy President and now we need to reinforce the diplomatic team. Was recently fired our Ambassador. You need to immediately replace him a strong candidate who will be able to build up contacts with the White house and directly from trump.

– August 1 edition LIGA.net citing its sources wrote that the American side does not negotiate Zelensky meeting with trump, while the head of the GTC remains Bogdan, and the reason insiders call the suspicion on the part of Americans in relations with the Ukrainian authorities and businessman Igor Kolomoisky. The head office Zelensky is really so toxic in negotiations with the United States or he was such a way of drawing opponents?

– There are rumors in Washington. According to my information, it is all created by opponents, consisting of the previous government in Ukraine. The goal is to attempt to move the strong figure of Bohdan and reverse the moral support of Igor Valeryevich Kolomoisky team Zelensky. We must also understand that Kolomoisky is a top businessman who helped save Ukraine. He wouldn’t give to capture Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa areas, and also supported [Kharkiv mayor] Gennady Kernes in his efforts to preserve the Kharkiv under the control of Ukraine. Now President Vladimir Zelensky Andrey Bogdan as one of the key figures in his team, his political weight keep Ukraine from attempts by revenge [the fifth President of Ukraine Petro] Poroshenko and Pro-Russian forces.

Today opponents are using lobbyists to impose a certain opinion about Bogdan head OP the American side. I was in Washington, where he spoke with U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, who is head of the Senate Committee on national security, as well as some officials in the White house. At some meetings, I tried to hint that the American side strongly trying to impose opinion on the toxicity of Bogdan and Kolomoisky. But all this can and needs to be corrected, thereby giving to our allies to impose baseless rumor. For this you need a professional diplomatic team that will work in this direction.

– What strategy you need to build the office Zelensky to maneuver between the Democrats and Republicans? Or need at all possible to move away from the internal political agenda of the United States?

– We have no one to play along and have their Ukrainian position. But this should not be the position dictated by the only Pro-liberal or proconservation forces. The President Zelensky in the team at the moment is Pro-Western reformers, which represent the position of the Pro-liberal democratic forces. But the White house administration and the Senate now in the majority are represented by conservatives. In Ukraine also there are professionals with Pro-Western conservative views, which have contacts with the current White house administration and state structures, but for some reason today are not attracted to government processes. May not want to attract because of the influence of the team [financier and billionaire] George Soros, who is an enemy of Donald trump. Thus is formed a misconception about what Soros is all of America.

To improve relations and smooth the existing rumors and misunderstandings between official Kyiv and the White house administration, which will likely remain in power for another term, will those people who have the understanding and contact with the team of Donald trump. Not necessarily to play with the Democrats and Republicans. You need to openly declare a clear position of the Ukrainian American colleagues. Don’t be afraid to do it. Need to explain that if someone wants to get something from the Ukraine, we should win ten times more. There are real examples of not only a country like Israel, but Egypt, which 20 years received no financial obligations and loans, and real cash assistance of $2 billion annually.

Ukraine is just learning to play in the international political arena. I believe that right now the team and the President Zelensky in this direction there is an opportunity to step forward. Thus, the President not only will establish a spoiled Petro Poroshenko – Ukraine relations the US but will make us a strong country in the geopolitical arena.

Экс-дипломат Телиженко: Кличко фактически ухудшил отношения офиса Зеленского и администрации Трампа. И только ради того, чтобы остаться в должности

Экс-дипломат Телиженко: Кличко фактически ухудшил отношения офиса Зеленского и администрации Трампа. И только ради того, чтобы остаться в должности