Ex-employees complained of Tesla Elon musk

Экс-сотрудники Tesla пожаловались на Илона Маска

Jobs in famous company liked by everyone and one of the reasons lies precisely in the manual.

Former employees of Tesla shared a negative experience gained during the work in the company. They complain about the toxicity of Elon musk, the indifference of the leadership, unpredictable future and processing that affect personal life.

Tesla billionaire Elon musk – a place where it is not always easy to work with, writes Business Insider. The publication spoke with nine former employees of a manufacturer of electric cars, who worked here in the years 2008-2019. On condition of anonymity, they said that their work was considered “the worst”.

“The worst toxicity, which creates Elon,” said the former Manager of the Tesla, who worked with billionaire directly. According to him, the Musk puts “unrealistic goals”. “This is a culture where if you don’t have to solve the problem and you solve it within a few days or couple of weeks, you’re leaving”, – the interlocutor told Business Insider.

Another ex-employee of Tesla, who worked in sales, said that the basic “problem of growth”. Due to the fact that the company is relatively young, “there is often the feeling that it is at a late stage of development startup,” he explained to the publication.

The source said that Tesla “a million things can go wrong: starting with production and ending with its delivery to the buyer”. According to him, the control over all stages meets “one million intelligent and capable people”, but keep track of that kind still hard.

“The worst thing is the constant feeling that your company is completely to you indifferent, that you simply don’t matter,” said Business Insider another responsible for sales officer, left the company last year. He explained that insufficient attention Tesla showed to the responsible unit of the solar battery.

Former head of production of Tesla, who left the company in 2019, said that almost divorced due to the fact that spent at work too much time. He said that work 70 hours a week was not unusual.

“I am happy that I was fired because I worked a lot, and now my marriage has become stronger”, – said the publication. Similar emotions were expressed by another former employee who worked on the production. “I have two young kids and I couldn’t watch them grow,” he said.

One of the interviewees Business Insider also noted that the poor was the work of Tesla with clients.

“Several times customers have a bad experience, and I was forced to report it to management. I tried to give the customer free services for a year or two,” he explained. However, each time this was becoming a problem. “I said, “You guys screwed up and makes me look bad,” – said the source publication.

The ex-employees and unpredictability at work in the Tesla. One of them felt could lose his job any day. Another was annoyed that Tesla’s shares on the stock exchange soar or plummet only due to the fact that the Mask is something he wrote on Twitter. Another employee noted that the company’s employees are constantly “walking on thin ice” and did not know what will happen next. “You had some way to develop a false sense of hope,” – said the publication.

Tesla has not responded to Business Insider’s request for comment.

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