Ex-fiancee Gufa, showed a man with whom she had at age 15

Экс-невеста Гуфа показала мужчину, от которого родила в 15 лет

Yana Shevtsova admitted that he had a baby at 15 years. It is reported StarHit.

Son blondes name is Nikita, he lives with his grandmother. The boy’s father Ian is wonderful. According to the former participant “Houses-2”, the man helps the child financially.

From the lives of blondes emerge new scandalous facts. If you have recently Yana Shevtsova claimed that was pregnant by rapper Guf and had an abortion, now she said she has a son. The boy named Nikita for three years, and he lives with his grandmother. Many have criticized the young mother for this, but I’m sure so the child will be better.

“I have no time to raise Nikita, alas – said Ian the “StarHit”. – I work a lot, my shooting projects, plus I became the face of the company. Some will tell about it later, but for now it’s a secret. I need to contain a son, so you have to make such sacrifices. You know, he is growing smart and obedient boy. Regularly attends kindergarten and goes to the sports section. Nice guy did it”.

The baby’s father, ex-member of “House-2” broke up almost immediately after the birth of his son. Despite this, the new parents managed to keep warm relations.

“Daddy Nikita lives in Moscow, his name is Maxim, I will not mention his name – he doesn’t like publicity. We were both waiting for this baby, but then something did not happen. Max cares about his son, helping him financially, often visits”, – said Shevtsova.

Now many people ask Yana a question why she waited so long about the baby. Shevtsova notes that only now were ready for such a revelation.

“You know, so many jealous people, did not want to make this topic for everyone to see. Now I am Mature enough to tell the truth about his personal life,” said the blonde.

We will remind, recently I had an affair with her ex-husband Nelly Ermolaeva – Nikita Kuznetsov. “I love him very much, – shared she. – We have a big bright future. He is the last man I will meet in life, there are more will be no changes in my personal life. I can say with confidence”. Now, however, Ian and Nikita have nothing to do – the couple broke up.

Экс-невеста Гуфа показала мужчину, от которого родила в 15 лет

Экс-невеста Гуфа показала мужчину, от которого родила в 15 лет