Ex-first racket of the world Serena Williams trained two-year old daughter: cute video

Экс-первая ракетка мира Серена Уильямс потренировалась с двухлетней дочерью: милое видео

Экс-первая ракетка мира Серена Уильямс потренировалась с двухлетней дочерью: милое видео

The daughter of Grand slam winner Serena Williams follows in the footsteps of mom. American tennis player took to training his two year old daughter Alexis Ohanian Olympia and even gave up a racket.

38-year-old tennis star posted a touching Instagram post. Pictures and videos can be seen, as they, along with her daughter in the same style of clothes practiced on the court.

Touching photos and video do not leave anyone indifferent. Many fans of the tennis player wrote compliments in the direction of Serena and the young future first racket of the world.

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– briefly signed Williams.

In September, daughter Serena will be three years old.

Achievements of tennis legends Serena Williams

  • Serena is the ex-first racket of the world. Also, the American will include two records: between the first two periods of stay on the first line of WTA ranking in singles was held the longest period of time, and later she became the oldest tennis player who once headed the rating.
  • Serena Williams four times, picked up an Olympic gold medal, once-in-single (2012) and three in doubles (2000, 2008, 2012) discharges.
  • She is the owner of a non-calendar Grand slam in singles and doubles and also the only among women and among men the winner of the career “Golden slam,” which includes winning all four Grand slam tournaments and Olympic games in singles and doubles.
  • Serena has won 39 Grand slam tournaments, including 23 times in singles, 14 in a pair times, 2 times in doubles.
  • Number of titles in these tournaments in the single category she ranks second in the history of women’s tennis and is second only to Margaret Smith Court and which has 24 titles.
  • Serena Williams is also a five-time winner of the WTA Championships and the WTA women’s professional tour record holder for the amount earned prize money.
  • Williams successfully combines tennis and business, earning on the advertising contracts of approximately 12 million dollars a year and having his own company for the production of sports clothing Aneres Designs.
  • The player is actively involved in charity projects. For their own means Serena has built several schools in Africa and in the United States awards scholarships to College students.

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