Ex-head of “Ukrkosmos” declared suspicion of the crime: the vanished millions of dollars

Экс-руководителю "Укркосмоса" объявили о подозрении в преступлении: исчезли миллионы долларов

Former head of state enterprise “Ukrkosmos” is suspected of abuse of office. This ex-official on 30 January said detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau.

The former head of the “Ukrkosmos” is the third suspect in criminal proceedings, which are investigating the detectives NAB. In the case where the former external adviser to the Director General of the national space Agency of Ukraine and the face of a proxy (they reported about suspicion in December 2018).

Ex-freelance adviser on 30 January reported a new suspicion in the organization of employee abuse of official position.

What was the crime? The investigators found that in the years 2011-2017, the suspects organized a scheme through which was taken abroad and legalized 8 million 245 thousand dollars. The money was intended for the construction of the launch vehicle at the state enterprise “Yuzhmash”. It is also known that the money was allocated on loan from the Canadian export Agency under the government guarantees of Ukraine.

According to NABU, the former General Director of “Ukrkosmos” at the direction of his freelance adviser has signed and handed over to representatives of the General contractor of the project to create the National satellite communication system of Ukraine – a canadian Corporation Macdonald, Dettwiler And Associates Corp documents with the requirement to transfer money to the account of the company controlled by a freelance adviser to the state-owned enterprises. Consequently, 8 million 245 thousand dollars was awarded to freelance adviser on Cyprus. The money ex-adviser used in their own interests.

The damage caused is a crime? This was disrupted the launch of the first Ukrainian telecommunications satellite “Lybid”, as one of the components of development of the National satellite communication system of Ukraine. While today the Cabinet of Ministers continues to pay received from the Canadian export Agency credit. On the loan, the government paid about 6 billion hryvnia.

Экс-руководителю "Укркосмоса" объявили о подозрении в преступлении: исчезли миллионы долларов

What is known about the satellite, the national satellite communication system “Lybid”?In 2009, the State space Agency of Ukraine and the canadian MDA has signed a contract for the establishment of NASS “Lybid”. MDA is the Prime contractor for the system development. The project is financed through borrowed in 2009 under the state guarantees a loan from the Canadian export Agency. Since the summer of 2014 is powered by Express 1000НТ “Information satellite systems them. Reshetnev” (Russia) satellite, at the request of canadian contractor, is under custody on the Russian factory.

Initially, the launch “Rus” was scheduled for 2012, but the launch date has been repeatedly moved for different reasons. The embodiment of the project was in jeopardy in connection with the annexation of Crimea and that Ukraine has lost involved in the project ground-based infrastructure, which remained on the Peninsula. However, in 2014-2015 on the mainland of Ukraine have created a new mission control center spacecraft, as well as a new command and measuring point.

The government of Ukraine in October 2017 agreed to invest the project at $ 17 million due to its price increase, to ensure the launch of the Ukrainian communications satellite. Then the launch was scheduled for late 2018.

In February 2018, the state enterprise “Ukrkosmos”, filed a lawsuit in the London court of international arbitration to canadian MDA in connection with the unjustified attempt by a canadian company to break a prisoner in 2010 the contract on creation and launch of the “Lybid”.