Ex-husband of Xenia Sabitova in the divorce he demanded back the gold and gifts

Бывший муж Ксении Сябитовой при разводе потребовал обратно золото и подарки

22 Jul famous teleshko country rose Sabitova was given in marriage to a daughter the second time.

The chosen one 27-year-old Xenia is a 33-year-old engineer Maxim Shevchenko.

Before getting married, young people met for two years, and the last six months lived in a civil marriage. During this time the lovers had not only to check the strength of their feelings, but also to get used to each other.

Sabitova Ksenia and Maxim Shevchenko rose Sabitova very happy with the choice of his daughter, at least for now. She believes Maxim Shevchenko smart, educated and intelligent man who is reasonably suitable to the financial question and is able to save. In addition, rose Sabitova in awe of the parents of Maxim. “Modest, diverse people with tact.

Such a contrast from the previous marriage of Xenia, when after the divorce was: “Give gifts, gold, return everything back”. In addition, rose says Andrew all her gifts took for granted, even thanks often forgot to say. But Maxim regularly refuses to help mother-in-law says: “No, we are!”.

Recall that in 2015 the Xenia Sabitova was married to my mother’s lawyer Andrey Snatkina. However, young people did not manage to create a family. Almost immediately after the wedding, Andrew ran away from Xenia, and as it is now revealed during the divorce demanded back all their gifts.

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