Ex-MP Martynenko has spent millions on daughter and wife with the money from the kickbacks

Экс-нардеп Мартыненко тратил миллионы на дочь и жену на деньги от откатов

Monday, January 21, the Prosecutor provided the SAP obtained from the Swiss colleagues evidence of involvement of the former representative of the popular front for corrupt schemes. According to the documents, stealing money “Energoatom” and “VostGOK” policies to pay for the education of his daughter and rest of his wife.

At least part has thanks to the illegal manipulation of funds settled in Switzerland where he opened accounts at firms Martynenko. From there the money went to the various needs of relatives of the former MP.

Employee SAP Alexei Skibenko claims that the traces of money “Energoatom” and the state enterprise “VostGOK” Swiss prosecutors found in the accounts of the company Bradcrest, the beneficiary of which is listed Martynenko. It came kickbacks from firms-pads, through which the money taken out of public enterprises.

According to investigators, after the letter of Scion Martynenko Anna, starting with the phrase “Privet Papik”, the right hand of Deputy Paul Salenko contacted the top Manager of škoda j.s. from which the expected pullback. Obtained from the Czechs, the money spent on school fees for daughter in London.

In addition, the money went into accounts of the mother of one of the four daughters policy – Irina Sveshnikova. She spent for rental housing in Europe and many of poezdki. In total, Skoda sent to the accounts Bradcrest 1.65 million euros.

In total, according to militiamen, Martynenko stolen about 700 million hryvnias of budgetary funds.

Recall the case of Mykola Martynenko under investigation since December 2015.

The detectives NAB started investigation of two criminal proceedings on the fact of appropriation of funds of GP “NAEK” Energoatom “in the amount of 6.4 million Euro and on the fact of appropriation of funds of the SE” Eastern mining and processing plant ” (VostGOK) $17,28 million. Later they were United into one.

As the investigation revealed, the organizer of both corruption schemes is an ex-MP.

Earlier, the court allowed the former MP to go abroad.