Ex-player national team of Ukraine with the passport of the Russian Federation explained why he moved from the Crimea to Kiev

Экс-игрок сборной Украины с паспортом РФ рассказал, почему переехал из Крыма в Киев

Goalkeeper Maxim Levitsky was born in Russia. But he played 8 matches for the national team of Ukraine. He lived in the Crimea, but after the annexation of the Peninsula by the Russian Federation, decided to move to Kiev. Despite the fact that he has Russian citizenship.

In the championship of Ukraine Maxim Levitsky played for Simferopol “Tavriya” from 1992 to 1999. It was subsequently a lot of clubs abroad. With the exception of the French “Saint-Etienne” were all from Russia. There he finished his career in 2009. And in 2012 former football player moved from Moscow to the Crimea. But on the Peninsula Maxim Levitsky family lived only three years.

“I was born in the Rostov region, a large part of my career was in Russia. When he played for Dynamo Moscow, received the Russian citizenship. But the heart wants what it wants. After the events in Crimea in 2014, decided that in spirit I feel closer to Ukraine. The decision to move took the family Council, my wife supported me. In Kiev we are comfortable. And wife, and children – citizens of Ukraine. The eldest son even transferred from Moscow University in Kiev – it was his personal decision. Thus he expressed his civil position. To me his act was like. I have residence permit in Ukraine. And consider themselves Ukrainians. Proud to have played 8 matches for the national team. Remember 31 may 2000 made his debut for the blue-yellow squad at Wembley in the match against England. It was great,” – said Maxim Levitsky in an interview with Sport Arena.