Ex-wife Aliyeva said how old she was beaten football player of “Dynamo”

The former wife of football player Alexander Aliyev Tatiana told about the beatings from ex-husband. She also showed reporters a video in which traces of the blows.

Tatyana Aliyev said that the former husband “broke the bed on her head” and kicked out of the house. She claims that the player beats her for eight years, also with children, he said that their “mom is no more.” Aliyev himself denies accusations of violence, however, confirms the fact that expelled ex-wife out of the house.

In fact beating women Aliyev was initiated five criminal cases, none of them is never reached court.

In August 2018 football player in an interview with the accused journalists and “evil tongues” that they established his reputation as an alcoholic. However, he acknowledged that he could “go for a walk, go to sit, to go for a drink”, but dependency did not suffer.

However, Aliyev has repeatedly found himself in scandals in the state of alcoholic intoxication. So, in June 2014, he staged a riot in one of night clubs of Kiev. The player threatened the visitors arms and was put out of the club by security.

Video: youtube.com/ТСН